Gladiators Wednesday, May 28 2008 

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I just ordered a pair of these new cravings online (can not wait until they arrive, and hopefully they fit). I was originally eyeing off a pair of red soled Christian Louboutin sandals, but considering they were over $1500(AU) (YIKES!) I decided to go with the Dolce & Gabbana pair. These chunky babies have been out on the feet of pretty much all the stylish celebs, including Mary-Kate. They’re just so edgy and chunky; nothing like anything else in my wardrobe, that’s for sure. They remind me of gladiators; very sexy gladiators! 

Black shiny leather is totally in!

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Exquisite Marchesa Thursday, May 1 2008 

I had a dinner party last weekend, which is just the perfect excuse for a new outfit; though, I decided to stick with an old favourite:


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This Marchesa strapless dress is just exquisite. I found it in a boutique about a year ago. Every time I see it in my robe I fall in love all over again and can’t help but run my hand over the stunning embroidery. You can’t see it in the picture, but its back it rather low, which is a bonus (I love low-backed dresses). It’s just so romantic and the lace is top quality. Beautiful, right?

Image source: Net-A-Porter