1/6 Glam Dress: Godfrey Monday, Jun 23 2008 

I adore dresses, so today I am starting the count down of my six most craved glam dresses. So let’s start with Jay Godfrey’s one shoulder bow dress: 

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So, why do I love it? Well, it’s super maxi and elegant, which means you can show off your amazing legs whilst looking amazingly classy at the same time (a rarity in women these days). It’s totally feminine with its coral pink colour, soft silk/lycra fabric and gorgeous strap-bow. The big bow has been in for a while now, yet it is often worn totally wrong. This design shows a way how it should be worn: not too OTT in size and exquisitely placed on the side strap. This also leads to another fashion-love of mine at the moment, the one-strap shoulder dress (love them!).

I personally wouldn’t team this dress up with a large amount of accessories, or else it will look over the top and lose it’s elegance, not to mention killing out the simple design of the dress. A cute soft-gold clutch would do the trick.

As for shoes? Simple, soft gold (NOT bright gold) strap shoes. Again, we don’t want to overpower the dress with the footwear. 

So remember, the dress is the statement in this occasion.

Image source: Bloomingdales


In Da Hood Monday, Jun 16 2008 


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One thing that could never go out of fashion for comfort is your classic styled fleece ‘hoodie’. Personally, I like them a bit bigger than my normal size because:
1. The more fabric, the more there is to love and the more comfort; and,
2. They tend to shrink just that little bit in the wash after a while.
I bought this Adidas Trefoil Hoodie in crystal (as shown in the picture above). It’s nice and thick and keeps me extra comfy and warm. I find the best places to find a good hoodie is usually your local surf shop (I have tons of surf-brand ones: Billabong, Roxy, Rusty, you name it). They look ultra cute as well! I like to wear mine with thigh-high socks, uggs and chic boxers. Great for a night in!

Image source: General Pants Co.

Wrapped! Sunday, Jun 15 2008 

One thing I love about these cold winter days is the excuse to snuggle with a cute boy. However, if there isn’t a cute boy within your 50 metre range, then don’t panic. Wrapping yourself in a thick warm scarf, an adorable beanie and matching gloves to boot will be a rewarding substitute. 

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One of my fave scarves ever is this beautiful deep orange endless knit scarf from one of my most adored boutiques, Witchery, for just $39.95(AU). It is fabulously thick and warm, and the endless design is a winner as I can chuck it around my neck without having two awkward ends hanging limp. It is one of those throw-on items that never looks bad and it doesn’t take an hour just to get it sitting right, not to mention adjusting it silly through out the day. It is also available in black, almond or grey if orange isn’t your most flattering colour (I love this orange because it livens up a dull dark winter outfit and gives a glow to my less tanned winter skin). 

Image source: Witchery (buy this item online today!)